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Daily Mail Article

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Snow White And The Huntsman

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Craig is delighted to announce that he is to be taking on a role in Snow White And The Huntsman (SWATH).

All details of this movie can be found on imdb and many other Fan/Blog sites.

You can also follow Craig on Twitter and Facebook by clicking the links above to keep up to date with Craig’s adventures.

Channel Four “Seven Dwarves”

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Craig can be seen in an up and coming documentary following seven small actors.

The Show is to be aired on the 16th of August at 9pm and then weekly for seven weeks.

Craig hopes that you enjoy the show as it gives on insight into all of their lives.


Channel Four

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And so it all begins.


Channel Four Dwarf Documentary

Up and Coming!!!

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Sheffield Film Festival showcasing Channel Fours Documentary about the lives of seven short actors.